Alain Parizeau

CIRCO trainer Sri Lanka

Alain Parizeau is a storyteller; most of his stories are true. Parizeau has worked with award winning Sri Lankan companies including AOD, and his commercial work has been published locally and internationally. Parallel to this, he has been a speaker on design, branding and typography at platforms like Sri Lanka Design Festival, UX Colombo, Disrupt Asia and Design Thinkers-Canada. In 2016, Parizeau was invited to the International Society of Typographic Designers’ London assessment. Currently he is working under the publisher name Public Works, through which his interest in producing culturally inspired curatorial work, print, digital media and spaces come alive.

“Personally I’m inspired by this example of circular design: in 2017 over 10 billion business cards were printed in North America; that’s +27 million cards a day. Statistically, 88% of business cards printed will be trashed within 1 week—that’s about 8 billion. Some people have found ways in which the card can serve a purpose even after it has served its traditional job of sharing contact details. In fact some cards serve a new purpose; for example some cards are made with seed infused paper. These cards when nested in earth can become plants and flowers—it’s a new life for dead wood. The CIRCO method bridges design and business. It is a comprehensive and practical guided technique—it’s a hybrid practice and I’m determined to inspire others by being a CIRCO Trainer.”

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