Berna Aşıroğlu

CIRCO trainer Turkey

Berna truly believes that the our world needs a systematic change to maintain a health economy and climate. Since natural resources are coming to an end drastically, the circular economy is the way forward, starting from the supply chain to the end customers. Her extensive experience in optimizing production processes and a Masters degree in business administrations, will help other businesses to take the step towards circularity.

For years, Berna worked in the family business producing leather garments. She has been the one putting sustainability on the roadmap, and by involving teams from different departments (export, R&D) and the production processes, to work jointly on these goals the achievements in sustainability were supported throughout the company.

When Berna founded her own company, selling leather goods online to customers all over the globe, she felt very responsible for the environmental issues and sustainable production processes. She became a founding member of a cooperation which is dedicated to circular economy and she started giving consultancies, attending talks and trainings about circular economy.

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