Bia Barbosa

CIRCO trainer Brazil

Postgraduate in Interaction Design By IED São Paulo and graduated in Visual Communication Design by PUC-Rio, I’ve been applying Design Thinking, Agile and UX Design techniques to innovation projects with varied challenges: from the design and development of products to in-depth research of consumers. I’ve also structured and applied trainings with practical approach and workshops internationally for clients such as Coca-Cola, Santander, Sodexo and BNP Paribas. Currently, I work at Casa Firjan, developing co-creation projects and innovation content.

Not long ago I began to really realize the impact I can have on the planet, especially in the matter of waste. At first I thought the solutions relied on things that were way beyond my influence. But little by little I came to understand how much it depends on all the actors becoming aware of their power on the whole system. For me, being a CIRCO trainer means multiplying the awareness of the full consequences of business decisions on waste while providing means for companies to develop smarter products.

Participating in a CIRCO Track in Rio de Janeiro between July and August 2019, I had the opportunity to follow the process of MMS Plásticos, a local plastic company with a solid history in recycling. It was very interesting to see how the proposed activities led them to climb the Value Hill adding value to their product as they managed to develop the idea of a circular product from single use plastic.

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