Caio Costa

CIRCO trainer Brazil

MSc. student in Environmental Engineering in UFRJ, Postgraduate in Energy Management by EUREM/COPPE and BSc. of Environmental Engineering in UFF. Caio has experience in implementing Resources Efficiency and Cleaner Production Methodology (RECP) to reduce raw material, energy and water consumption, reduce waste, wastewater generation and emissions, in segments of Food, Metallurgic, Chemical, Construction and Steel Industry. Thus, has experience in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of products identifying the main environmental impacts from cradle-to-cradle. Has also experience on climate change developing CO2 reducing projects and Innovation Projects in renewable energy.

Caio has the ambition to create a legacy to the society promoting a better world with quality and equity, creating new possibilities to reduce the consumption of raw material and how the economy works. “The Circular Economy and it’s strategies can help people and companies to identify and recognize their opportunities, and as a CIRCO trainer I can help them in this process sharing my experience and knowledge to help companies to improve the value chains of companies and retain value to their products.”

“I have been inspired by the CIRCO Track in July/August 2019, where I had the opportunity to train ENEL. ENEL is an Energy Service company facing big challenges regarding their impact, which they are fully aware of. Already they initiated many projects in circular economy, during the Track we did manage to establish some new points of attention, resulting in new projects reducing their waste generation in green field power plants, now under construction.”

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