Chani Antoinette Perera

CIRCO trainer Sri Lanka

“Taking on the path of visual communication, my main objective is to take part in building an exemplary creative society that inspires, shares, changes and empowers Sri Lanka to be on par with the evolving global creative community.”

Chani has a background in the local advertising industry and worked for Leo Burnett for 4 years. She successfully initiated a collaborative incubator model for Graphic Designers called ‘Riot House’ which is now on it’s 6th year. For the last 5 years she is part time Associate Lecturer in the Academy of Design and currently full time Programme Manager for the Visual Communication department at AOD.

Chani envisions that with the CIRCO Method, creative solutions combined with the right business models will contribute to sustainability. As a trainer she wants to encourage and equip the creative industry and future designers in Sri Lanka to implement their creative solutions into sustainable business models. This could position the creative industry into being seen as a practical and problem solving counterpart for commercial businesses to work with.

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