Daniel Pan

CIRCO trainer Brazil

Daniel Pan has a degree in Product Design from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). He has more than 15 years of professional experience in major design agencies from Rio de Janeiro, currently being a content specialist and leader of Casa Firjan Innovation Lab.

Through design-thinking, he runs projects, toolkits, research methodologies, diagnoses, and co-creation workshops. Daniel always looks for feasibility and objectivity in actions and projects in service design, product design, branding and communication. Since 2010, he has been promoting knowledge, education and talks about Design, Innovation and
Strategic Design, offering/running and coordinating courses, teaching classes and giving talks around Brazil.

“Humans are creative and this is a great thing. We have invented cars, airplanes, computers and robots. In general, these inventions are products that are designed with a high-restriction briefing, but there is something that is missing in all briefings: Future. How long can a computer or smartphone last nowadays? What is the right thing to do about that product when it is not working anymore? Do we really need so many things to live? Do we really need to own things instead of just using them? Technology is empowering us to change business models radically from product to service. It is time to use our creativity and our knowledge not to design one more product but to design efficient solutions. Circular Design Thinking is, therefore, the best way to face this challenge.”

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