Gülin Ölçer

CIRCO trainer Turkey

Gulin is an impact driven design strategist who drives business, brand and impact growth through creative strategies. She is skilled at analyzing the context, new business models and emerging trends to find innovative business ideas. She was the founder of the first circular design focused design studio in Turkey, ZERO, where she consulted and trained designers, engineers and companies on circular economy. She is currently the Strategy Lead of ATÖLYE, a design and innovation studio that is focused on high impact projects throughout Europe and the Middle East, continuing to train designers and companies about circular economy. She holds a BA Psychology degree from Koc University and MS Innovation Management degree from Tufts University.

As a CIRCO trainer Gulin is helping multiple companies who are leaders in their industries to understand circular economy and adapt circular design strategies to they practices. She joined the SKD – CIRCO track in 2019 and became a CIRCO trainer. Her favorite CIRCO example is Philips Light As a Service.

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