João Mascarenhas

CIRCO trainer Portugal

João Mascarenhas, Ph.D. in Mechanical and Materials Engineering (Bradford University, UK, 1997), is Researcher of LNEG, I.P. since 1990 in Powder Metallurgy, namely press and sintering and MIM routes, and materials for solar cells. 

The research activities since 1990 are comprised of atomisation of ferrous and copper alloys and its shaping by compaction or MIM, and consolidation by vacuum and atmosphere sintering, rapid prototyping and more recently via microwave sintering, materials characterization by optical and electronic microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction. Actual research activities are on sputter and screen-printing coatings for solar cells, and microwave sintering of several materials, their full characterization, and development of materials for energy applications. He participated on several national and international research projects, and now is one of the Portuguese certified trainer in CIRCO methodology.




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