Jorge Alexandre

CIRCO trainer Portugal

Jorge has a graduation in Industrial Design by FBAUL- Faculty of Fine Arts of the Lisbon University, a master’s degree in Materials Management and Quality from FCT/UNL-Faculty of Science and Technology of the New University of Lisbon, and is a senior researcher in the field of “Industrial performance based on the concept of Value – contribution of functional analysis”. He started his career at LNEG in 1990, participating in projects in the fields of Value Analysis, Functional Analysis and Value Management. He was part of the team that developed the methodology and manual on Sustainable Value in Portugal. In recent years his main research areas have been around the development, implementation and training of methodologies and tools oriented towards sustainable value, eco-efficiency, sustainable and circular design and circular business models.

“As a designer by training, and as an analyst of function and value by conviction, the possibility of participating in this CIRCO challenge is of enormous importance on a personal and professional level. On the one hand, learning and sharing experiences, and on the other the possibility of transferring this knowledge in a methodical way to companies and designers. Objective: to achieve, in a participatory and collaborative way, better products and business models through circular design. Basically, to contribute to consolidate some foundations of a more sustainable society. Yes, because if in a project we have to have a systemic approach and think about the whole, if its foundations, where everything is based, are not solid…lost value!!!”


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