Karina Araujo

CIRCO trainer Brazil

Karina has a Master in product design by IED Milan, worked with companies in different sectors, going through the plural day-to-day of a design studio, the busy and fast paced environment of the fashion industry and the extensive knowledge acquisition process of a project in a governmental research and development institute. Nowadays Karina is part of Casa Firjan’s content team and is facing the biggest challenge of all: imagining and co-creating a better future.

“My motivation to become a CIRCO Trainer comes from the belief that we need to rethink our way of producing and consuming products. I strongly believe that it is impossible to talk about our future without understanding and acknowledging the impacts of our past and actively trying to do it differently. The CIRCO Track is a wonderful way of understanding how to move in the right direction and how to be able to help others along the way.”

Going through these Tracks left her feeling hopeful, being inspired by cases, people and companies that not only are genuinely worried about our planet’s future but are also willing to do the work that needs to be done.

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