Kat Scott

CIRCO trainer Sri Lanka

“Nowadays, it’s impossible to have a conversation in the fashion without discussing sustainability. I really believe that countries in South East Asia, in particular Sri Lanka, are at a tipping point where there is an understanding emerging that things need to change. Educating young people in a country where sustainability is so low on the agenda, it is vital to encourage this thinking in every aspect of design. Sri Lanka could easily become a world leader in South East Asia for the circular economy. The country is small but influential enough to have an effect and lead the change for others in South East Asia.”

Kat studied at Edinburgh University with a degree in Textile Design, then moved to London working for companies with a focus on sustainable design and practices.  Kate’s passion for this sustainability took her from London to Sri Lanka where she worked for three years as the Programme Leader for Fashion at AOD, and later as a commercial textile designer, based outside Colombo designing for a range of large UK based companies. Currently she is the Programme Leader of Design Foundation and Fashion Design and Textiles. In this program, hi-tech and low-tech industries across the country, are collaborating with large well-known companies and artisans.

“I love any fashion company that reuses or repurposes but does not compromise on design. A company like Stella McCartney is an example of a company that does not compromise on ethics or design.”

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