Mariana Teixeira

CIRCO trainer Brazil

Mariana has more than 8 years of experience in the educational products area, with activities in events and marketing sector. Graduated in Tourism from the Federal University of the Rio de Janeiro State, postgraduate in marketing from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and in Strategic Planning for Social Media by Senac.

She worked with portfolio development, data analysis, strategic planning and product launch. Currently works at the Casa Firjan Innovation Lab as an Integrated Content Specialist in the development of Education products portfolio. Participates in programs like Innovative and Young Shell Initiative mentoring projects.

“I started to think about sustainability a couple of years ago when I realized that little changes could impact the world. In search of examples how I could reduce impacts with simple actions, I decided to create an Instagram where I could share some easy tips for people who had the same desire. My motivation to be a trainer comes from the need to transform business models towards environmental sustainability. For me, being a CIRCO trainer is a remarkable opportunity to watch the innovation in progress and to help our future.”

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