Münevver Bayhan

CIRCO trainer Turkey

Münevver is an NGO professional with over 10 years of experience on various topics of sustainability. She is a professional trainer on a diversity of topics regarding climate resilience, sustainability reporting and circular economy. She is also a certified Permaculture Designer with an ambition to integrate her knowledge into her daily life.

She is currently managing 5 different clusters within the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD) in Turkey.
BCSD Turkey is a CEO-led organization with 62 members and is the Global Network Partner of World Business Council on Sustainable Development, based in Geneva.

Sustainable Production and Circular Economy is one of the clusters within BCSD with a very strong program named ‘Turkey’s Circular Economy Platform’. As manager of this Platform, Münevver has been motivated to create an ecosystem around Circular Economy in Turkey. Using her network, the Dutch Consulate in Istanbul introduced her to the CIRCO Method.

She and her team, find it highly motivating, that this method pushes companies to work on their value chains with a new perspective, thus enabling them to create new business opportunities while reducing the impact on the planet. And that is exactly what circular economy can do.

“It is refreshing to have an opportunity for less talk and more action”, she claims. In order to scale BCSD’s impact in Turkey, CIRCO decided to fully support them, by training local trainers. This allowed the Business Council to have internal capacity to trigger change within the industry. BCSD Turkey now has 7 trainers that are ready to organize their own Tracks.

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