Naven Abayagunawardana

CIRCO trainer Sri Lanka

“I understood humans consume resources unsustainably and the rate at which consumption habits are changing or business are conforming is too slow to avoid disaster in my lifetime. Keeping up with environmental news it seemed like a bleak situation until I came across circular economy and the team behind CIRCO. Converting linear consumption models into circular ones using the approaches of design thinking to keep the ideology customer centric, all while providing more revenue to the business! The chance to be involved in such disruptive business model innovation, it was a no brainer.”

Innovation has been a main driver for Naven throughout his career. After working for 4 years in the agriculture sector, he changed position to working in a 4 person Innovation Team within one of Sri Lanka’s largest corporates which operates in 5 major sectors of industry. In the last 2.5 years, he is working on product development projects, evaluating startups for
investment and building a culture of innovation within the organisation.

His interest lies in innovation culture development within organizations, using systems to speed up the time between idea and tested solution. Naven is currently focussed on building a system to support process innovation by providing the tools and the platform to apply LEAN concepts, particularly the PDCA cycle.

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