Şeyda Dağdeviren Hill

CIRCO trainer Turkey

After working in various fields of Environmental Engineering, such as which included designing systems and doing turn-key projects in the field of integrated pollution prevention and waste minimization, Şeyda continued to work focusing on NGO’s to have a positive influence on the planet and society. She was involved in leading international marine litter and plastic pollution projects in Turkey. Since changing societal behaviour of consumption is one leg of waste minimization, she trained over 2000 people of different ages in various companies and civil society groups to raise awareness in society about reducing the amount of waste generated.

During her 15 year’s experience as an Environmental Engineer, she accomplished a Masters degree in Environmental Science, worked in the public and private sectors, and designed systems in order to prevent environmental and social damage. In other words, she always worked for a common goal which shaped her career towards the sustainability sector. Currently, she works as a Senior Expert and CIRCO trainer at the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD) in Turkey.

In 2019 she became a CIRCO trainer after attending the train-the-trainer session and “Creating Business Through Circular Design” courses. The CIRCO methodology, which creates socially and ecologically responsible business models, offers companies an opportunity to design their products and/ or services and business models in a circular way. As a CIRCO trainer, she helps companies to understand creating value in a circular way, developing customer propositions based on a circular business model and (re)designing products and additional services in a business Track.

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