Umay Yılmaz

CIRCO trainer Turkey

As an award winning professional with over 14 years of experience, Umay has been around; working for an NGO and a multinational company to maintain a sustainable recycling system in Turkey, she was actively involved in many projects and case studies, with several stakeholders in the value chain; the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism, several associations, foundations and NGO’s. Actively contributing to improve legislation, its implementations and to raise awareness.

She also published two articles about effective waste management;
‘The Effects of Waste Prevention on Natural Resource Consumption’
‘Packaging Waste Management Implementations in Turkey’.

Umay received many awards and recognitions on her efforts for environmental and sustainability projects. She is invited to give talks at conferences and to write articles on the same topics. Currently, she works as a freelance consultant and CIRCO trainer for environment, circular economy and sustainability projects.

She strongly believes that circular economy is the answer to most of the problems that arise from make-take-waste economy. And that the steps that can change the future, should be taken today.

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