CIRCO Hub Wallonia: training in circular design for Walloon companies


CIRCO hub Wallonia officially launched this summer. The hub is supposed support the regional strategy for a circular Wallonia. The main focus of this hub is on the metal industry. The ambition is to help 500 companies develop a circular economy concept by December 2024.

Wallonia Hub collaboration

Many stakeholders were involved in realizing CIRCO hub Wallonia. With the support of the Walloon Government and Circular Wallonia, the MecaTech Cluster and its partners CRMGroup (Centre de Recherches Métallurgiques), Agoria, EKLO, Sirris, Wallonie Design and PLASTIWIN, the CIRCO method can now be actively deployed in the region. The collaboration between these parties reassures access to a broad network of Walloon companies and design professionals that is ready to take their first steps towards circularity with a dual focus: product design and the company’s business model. The video below shares an impression of the collaboration.

Start your circular journey with design!

CIRCO believes the transition to a circular economy starts with design. As 80% of the ecological impact of a product is determined during its design phase, it is an impactful phase in the lifecycle of a product. Many designers and entrepreneurs are already aware of the impact circularity can make but becoming circular involves costs. The CIRCO methodology helps taking the first steps towards circular design and circular business models, and anticipating the costs that can be involved.


How does it work?

Companies will be introduced to the CIRCO methodology in groups of ten in a CIRCO Track.  2 representatives per company will take part in 3 days of training, where they will be supervised by trainers with practical experience in circular design. More information about the CIRCO Track can be found here.