What is a CIRCO Hub?

We truly believe that a local partner who is part of the local ecosystem is the best way to create an impact with the CIRCO methodology abroad. Therefore CIRCO wants to structurally engage with local partners, who become self-sustainable CIRCO Hubs. The aim is to empower the Hubs to independently; activate companies to join; apply the design methodology for companies and designers; run a circular community driving a circular transition. CIRCO has developed tools for our international Hubs to facilitate this entire process:

  • Methodology materials: such as the design tools and material, supporting presentations, cases and supporting documents (checklists, schedules and certificates).
  • Activation materials: such as flyers and demo presentations
  • Train the trainer workshop

The process to become a CIRCO hub
To become a CIRCO Hub, we will go through the following process together:

  1. Explorative mission: First visit and meetings with potential local partners and trainers in the potential country. Test of the methodology with a mini-workshop or one-day design Class.
  2. Market introduction: A three-day Track is organized for 10 local companies in cooperation with the (potential) local partner. Local trainers join the Track as an introduction to the methodology.
  3. Formalization: An MoU and a cooperation agreement are signed in which all aspects of the cooperation are formulated.
  4. Train the trainer program to empower trainers to use the CIRCO-methodology.
  5. Roll-out: Infrastructure to cooperate and to exchange content is established. Local trainers guide their first Track under the supervision of an experienced CIRCO trainer.
  6. Local operation: Tracks and Classes are running on a regular basis and relevant content and learning are exchanged.

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CIRCO is a project of CLICKNL, the Dutch Creative Industries Knowledge and Innovation Network, and is executed with the CIRCO Trainers network.

CIRCO is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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