CIRCO International

creating business through circular design

CIRCO offers a circular design program, supporting companies to get started to create circular business via a 3-day Track and train designers in a 1-day Class.

Participating companies identify and explore business opportunities and apply circular business models and design strategies to develop their circular proposition. At the same time, CIRCO is supporting the transition towards a circular economy on a macro level.

The CIRCO-method has proven to be successful in the Netherlands and has supported more than 1000 companies and 400 designers. CIRCO is also an important instrument of the Dutch government to achieve its objectives for a circular economy. 

CIRCO International Hubs

Since the beginning of 2019, CIRCO shares its method on a non-commercial base with partners abroad. We focus on long term relationships with partners who are willing and able to implement, promote and provide the CIRCO method in their country.

The CIRCO method

The CIRCO method is based on an academic framework of the Technical University of Delft: “Products that last” written by prof. C. Bakker & M. den Hollander, e.a., explaining five circular business models and six circular design strategies. CIRCO makes this framework available for companies by adding concrete design tools, inspiring cases & examples, trainer support & interaction and an innovation drive. 

The main deliverables for every participating company are:

  1. Knowledge of circular design strategies and business models;
  2. A proposition for a new circular business model and a redesign of their product and service;
  3. A roadmap for implementation of their proposition;
  4. A broad network of circular front runners. 

The Process of the CIRCO-method


CIRCO is a project of CLICKNL, the Dutch Creative Industries Knowledge and Innovation Network, and is executed with the CIRCO Trainers network.

CIRCO is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

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