Creating business through circular design

The circular economy does not arise by itself. CIRCO activates – with support from the Dutch government – entrepreneurs and creative professionals to (re) design products, services and business models in order to subsequently do circular business.

How do we do it?

Our method

Since 2015, CIRCO has supported over 900 companies to create circular business and trained hundreds of designers to play their role as circular change agents.

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Local partners

Hub-partners around the world organize Tracks and Classes for companies and designers, using the CIRCO method and tools, while locally fueling the circular transition.

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“As an embassy, we would like to encourage the development of circular economy in Brazil. The Netherlands is further ahead in this area, which is why we are keen to pass on the knowledge here. At the same time, we want to promote the Netherlands and Dutch companies here in Brazil as innovative, modern and solution- focused. The collaboration with CIRCO and FIRJAN helps us to achieve both objectives."

Roland Martin

Consul General of the Netherlands in Rio de Janeiro

"The CIRCO method, in which co-design is quite important and people from different backgrounds closely work together, fits in well in Turkey. The first time I was present at a Track, I was surprised about the energy and quality of the participants, and something really happened. It immediately clarified that the method was successful.”

Bert van Bolhuis

Consul General of the Netherlands in Istanbul

Ready to partner up with CIRCO?

Are you interested in taking a front-runner position in the transition towards the circular economy in your country? Are you aligned with our mission and committed to take action and organize multiple Tracks a year? CIRCO invites you to partner up and start a CIRCO Hub.


  • A proven track record and network in design, sustainable innovation, sustainability and/or circularity.
  • Be in a financially sustainable position to deliver, and have the capacity to develop a business or funding model, which enables offering the Tracks and Classes for a longer period of time.
  • A relevant dynamic business network that the partner can activate to be part of the CIRCO Tracks and Classes.
  • Sourcing and selecting a launching group of enthusiastic and (business) experienced professionals. This group will be trained by CIRCO and will become certified CIRCO trainers.
  • Be committed and motivated to activate local companies to transition to a circular economy.