Creating business through circular design

The circular economy does not arise by itself. CIRCO activates – with support from the Dutch government – entrepreneurs and creative professionals to (re) design products, services and business models in order to subsequently do circular business. With a unique and proven design thinking method CIRCO helps companies with creating circular business propositions in cooperation with their value chain.

Designing circular propositions with a proven method

CIRCO believes that design plays a crucial role in enabling the circular transition. With this ambition, CIRCO developed a circular design programme. Since 2015, CIRCO has supported over 900 companies to create circular business and trained hundreds of designers to play their role as circular change agents.

Entrepreneurs and industry professionals can attend a Circular Business Design Track. Designers can participate in a CIRCO 1 day Circular Design Class. Participants will:

  • use circular design strategies to redesign their own propositions, products, services and business models.
  • identify business opportunities.

Entrepreneurs will leave the Track with a concrete implementation roadmap, making these Tracks very effective. Research shows: 66% of the CIRCO participants have implemented their new circular propositions!


  • construction
  • plastics
  • manufacturing industry
  • consumer goods

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Local partners creating global impact

The transition to a circular economy requires time, commitment and solid partnerships. That is why CIRCO wants to work closely with longterm partners.

With our CIRCO Hubs we are expanding our reach and impact globally. Up to now, CIRCO has partnered up and launched Hubs in Portugal, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey.

Who do we work with?


Each country operates within a different context. Therefore, cross-border collaboration between CIRCO and embassies of the Netherlands, is of the utmost importance. In this way, we can support interested parties to explore the CIRCO method – a proven approach to incubate and expand circular economy in the manufacturing industry.

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Partners are offered the opportunity to start-up a Hub, organize multiple Tracks and Classes, using the CIRCO method and tools. Partners will be able to launch circular activities for companies and designers while fueling the circular transition in their country at the same time.

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Ready to partner with CIRCO?

Are you:

… committed to take the lead in the transition towards a circular economy, and take action?

… a circular pioneer that wants to support other entrepreneurs?

… driven to proactively create business through circular design?

… looking for tools to make the circular economy principles tangible, concrete and applicable in your region and local industry?

… a leading organization with an extensive network in design, sustainable innovation, sustainability or circularity?


We are looking to partner up with one lead partner in each country. Creating a circular economy requires collaboration between different stakeholders, with Dutch embassies in-country, as well as the key government agencies.

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