CIRCO Tracks & Classes

The CIRCO method is applicable to both companies and design professionals. Companies are invited to participate in a workshop Track that consists of three group sessions, whereas design professionals can follow a 1-day Class, allowing them to play their part in the circular transition as a circular change agent. The CIRCO Demo is developed to give an interactive demonstration of the CIRCO Method.

The Circular Business Design Track summarized

  • An interactive, hybrid workshop program around one theme, for professionals from various organizations.
  • Participation in teams of two from each organization, ensures efficacy and a support base for implementation.
  • Direct application to participant’s own cases, formulating a customized proposition, with a circular product, service- and business model.
  • Create an action oriented implementation roadmap.
  • Enter a relevant network within the circular economy community.
  • Suitable for business developers, designers, marketeers, operations-, innovation- and commercial managers.

Take a look at the 7 steps of the CIRCO Track here.

The Circular Design Class summarized

In a Class, creative professionals work in a practical way with circular business models and design strategies, based on the TU Delft research Products That Last. They discover new business opportunities, step into a circular design process and develop a vision and step-by-step plan. During this one-day workshop they will learn the ins & outs of circular design as an architect, the principles of the circular economy, the relevance for professionals and their clients, and how to take the role of change agent.

  • One-day workshop for creative professionals.
  • Learn how to apply the CIRCO Method in assignments.
  • Positioning professionally as a circular change agent and creating new business
  • Especially suited for designers who want to innovate their value proposition and relevance to the emerging economy and markets.

The CIRCO Demo summarized

The DEMO demonstrates the CIRCO design process in a pressure cooker format, making circular business concrete and providing a circular dimension to your innovation process.

Participants will:

  • Get acquainted with a circular way of working and experience how to;
    • Identify circular business opportunities 
    • Apply circular business models
    • Use circular design strategies
  • Learn about circular cases and the CIRCO cumulative experience
  • Meet other companies and stakeholder starting their circular journey 
  • Get  curious and inspired

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