Best practices – downloads

Black Bear Carbon

Black Bear Carbon black recycling

‘Black Bear is ready to roll-out its technology for recovering carbon black from end-of-life tires and realize that significant contribution to the circular economy.’

Victor Vreeken, CEO Black Bear Carbon

Download case: Black Bear – Carbon black recycling

Aebi Schmidt strooiwagen

Aebi Schmidt Circular gritters

‘At Aebi Schmidt, we no longer sell snow removal vehicles but rather the result of the vehicle. This change of perspective allows us to provide our customers with fully integrated solutions.’

Arjan Ester, CEO Aebi Schmidt Nederland

Download case: Aebi Schmidt – Circular Gritters

Bio4Pack - rijststro verpakkingen

Bio4Pack Rice straw packaging

‘Our company turns worthless waste into valuable raw materials and products, which can be recycled and composted after they are used.’

Patrick Gerritsen, Bio4Pack – Participant in the CIRCO Track

Download Case Bio4Pack – Rice Straw Packaging

2. Brink industrial

Brink Industrial – Lune

‘Having gaps in your circular proposition in not a huge deal; five per cent is better than nothing at all. You will gradually meet partners who want to help and collaborate.’

Wido van den Bosch, Lune – Participant in the CIRCO Track

Download case: Brink Industrial, LUNE

circulair beton

Bio Bound – Circular and bio-based concrete

‘In the end, you need to include the whole chain in order to achieve success. Meet up, share your knowledge and do not be afraid to fail: practice makes perfect!’

Jaap Schotanus, Bio Bound – Participant in the CIRCO Track

Download case: Bio Bound – Circulair & bio based concrete betonproducten – EN.ppt

Bioplastic uit aardappelzetmeel

Rodenburg Biopolymers – Bioplastics from potato starch

‘The best use of bioplastics is in applications for which their biodegradability is key to the functioning of the product.’

Aaik Rodenburg – Participant in the CIRCO Track

Download case: Rodenburg – Bioplastics