Milestone: CIRCO International active in 10 countries!


The month of July was dominated by the 1000th company that completed a CIRCO Track. A wonderful milestone on the way to the goal of training 4000 Dutch companies. But we also accelerate the transition to a circular economy across national borders. And there is now also a great milestone to celebrate internationally: CIRCO is active in ten countries! We talked to Pieter van Os, Program manager international.


How are international CIRCO Hubs created?

CIRCO enables local partners to use the CIRCO design method in the country through a Train-the-Trainer programme. A Hub gains access to the knowledge and the method provided to activate companies and designers as well as to carry out the Track. Singapore is currently being prepared for the role as an international CIRCO Hub, making it the 10th country where CIRCO International is active. Germany, the Visegrad countries (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland), Turkey, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Brazil have previously been trained and have already performed CIRCO Tracks locally and independently with approximately 200 companies. Portugal is now being trained and has the organization and funding ready to run ten Tracks over the next eighteen months.

What has happend at CIRCO International in recent months?

The international CIRCO activities have not stood still in the past summer months. On June 18, Portugal hosted an official ceremony to launch the Portuguese CIRCO Hub, which is currently under development. The Train-the-Trainer program will take place in September and October, in which Dutch CIRCO trainers prepare the Portuguese trainers for the independent, local continuation of CIRCO Tracks. Thailand organized a second Track and Turkey is working on a series of Tracks with the EBRD. The many activities also provide many new insights to further refine the methodology and broaden the knowledge base.

How are international CIRCO Hubs progressing?

I am extremely satisfied with the cooperation in the ten countries that we have reached so far. Every country and every region has different challenges, but it is special to see that the CIRCO method works in all countries so far and gets companies moving. In collaboration with the Dutch embassies, the international Hubs are also increasingly successful in realizing financing from the local government and other sponsors for the execution of Tracks and Classes. I think there will be a Track of Class almost every week until Christmas.

On June 18, Portugal organized an official ceremony to launch the Portugese CIRCO Hub.